Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back cover write up (suggestion):

Cyrus the Great

King Cyrus is known as an outstanding, unparalleled figure in mankind's history. Even more startling is Prophet Isaiah's word calling him "Shepherd and Messiah" of the Lord. Surprisingly enough, not much attention was paid so far to the real meaning of giving these extraordinary titles to a Gentile king.

The author who pondered the subject for many years, endeavours to fill this gap. In this book, he acquaints the reader with fresh and amazing insights into the intricacy of Biblical and mundane history, and sheds light on King Cyrus' Messiahship.

The book presents the subject in a way which allows effortless to draw comparisons to our times. It may well answer the quest of many who look for a Redeemer, Messiah, Mahdi, Avatar, or by what other term peoples of different cultural backgrounds are used to think in view of that subject. This adds an extra aspect to the book's valuable findings.

The author presents the subject in remarkable lucidity and pleasant readability. He has traveled extensively in the Orient to make himself acquainted with its cultures, and this turned out to be an asset for writing this book.

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